Blog Policy!

Hi there! Thank you for visiting Helium Balloon. Below I outline some operational details regarding components of this blog.


✤ Reviews of skincare and beauty products are solely based on attentive usage, observations made throughout the 'trial period' (differs for each type of product) and my honest personal opinion. Make sure to check my profile page to see my stats. Remember the same product won't necessarily work for you even if you have similar stats as I do, simply due to different environment, life style and health conditions.

✤ Foodie posts is a collection of my personal journey in exploring, trying and savouring delicious food. I am no food critic so again, any written thoughts are based on personal opinions and taste preferences.

✤ There are no sponsored reviews at this moment.


✤ Photos are taken by iphone or Sony Nex-5. Minimal editing is done in Photoshop, including watermarking pictures, correcting white balance, cropping and rotating originals. Efforts are made to make colours on-screen as close as possible to the real image. [note that colours may present deviations on different monitors]

✤ Do NOT take off watermarks and claim images as your own. I spend a lot of time setting and framing products for photography and I'd appreciate it if you gave credits if you use any of them.

{Links & External Usage}

✤ You may forward, email or link to my posts as you wish -- information is to be shared! Please kindly use the contact form to inform me if you re-posted my photos somewhere. I'd love to visit your page as well!

Thank you again for stopping by and reading through my blog policy. Have a great day! :)