Mimi ❤

My sweet kitty cat! Mimi was adopted from an animal shelter on the day of the Chinese New Year in 2012. She was only 5 months old at the time and was brought along by her foster mom to accompany the kitty my family looked to adopt. Just as fate has it, cats choose their owners and Mimi chose us upon our initial encounter and snuggled in our arms when we asked to hold her. Her innocent, soft "meow"s instantly melted our hearts (but really, I was the only cat fanatic in the family). Without a doubt we brought her home and Mimi has been with us ever since.

She has been spayed and is two years old now. She loves to play, jumps really high to catch feathered/furry objects and kicks her little mice around like an elite soccer player. Mimi also loves to eat and wants lots of attention. She is not very shy around strangers which makes her popular amongst family friends. Sometimes I think my mother spoils her way too much (so do I XD). We ❤ you, Mimi!

[Photos will be updated regularly =^-^=]
Mimi and her litter at 2 months old! AWWW~~!!

I have taken over this computer chair. PERMANENTLY ~ :D

I'm a playful little cat :3 I love my mouse on a string and feathery things!

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